You are requested to make your contribution to the following:

Account name:                        Alingan Foundation

Account Nummber/ IBAN:       BE61363162269017

BIC/SWIFT:                             BBRUBEBB

You can also make your donation online via paypal or credit card as below:

The Alingan foundation is officially registered in Belgium. The registration number is 0653720612. The funds we collect through project accounts will be transferred to our local organization in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are committed to make a transparent and direct distribution of the needs of children through the project.

Through support, a donor may decide to a monthly/quarterly/yearly donation to support a specific underprivileged child of their choice, based on those we are working with and that are most in need.

Levels of supporting commitment: The amount needed for a month's support depends upon the children's situation.

An estimate of monthly costs is:

Medications- $5 to $10

Supplements- $5

Food- $15

Clothing- $5

Education and Tuition- $10 to $15

Average amount needed per month per child= $40-$50 or €35-€45

1 euro can feed 2 slum children for a day !

Other than contributing to a child based on the above range average amount ($40-$50 or €35-€45) needed per month per child, you can contribute any other amount, more or less- even a single euro would be a great support overall. 1 euro can feed 2 slum children for a day!

You can simply contact us and share your thoughts on what you would most like to contribute to or what ideas you have:


Thanks for your great contribution to bring the light of success to these underprivileged children.