Be a volunteer

As a volunteer, there are several ways to make a difference by working with the slum children and for their community.

Examples of Volunteer Work:

You can play an important role in community outreach and prevention efforts, spreading awareness, and educating the community. You can make a difference in the quality of someone’s life, and you can share important knowledge with others.


Spread awareness and break down stereotypes with basic sex education through creative community outreach projects.


Get involved based on your skills and the needs of the specific community. You may be coordinating recreational activities for children whose families are affected by disease, supporting medical professionals who are caring for patients directly, assisting with in-home care and counseling,


Do study or research work that may benefit the slum community in Bangladesh and/ or the slum communities around the globe.


Alingan ensures that you receive a placement that is best matched to the needs of the children and their community, as well as your skills and interests. It also means that your volunteer work can have the maximum impact because the community’s immediate needs are reviewed with each volunteer in your group. The continuous cycle of Alingan volunteers working in placements like these, year after year, helps ensure that the efforts continue and progress is made.

Anyone with energy and interest in those issues can make a meaningful contribution, and all are welcome.

If you have any questions about this process or you have any special concerns regarding the timing of your placement, please contact via email or the contact form below: