About support

Being a supporter for the children living under poverty in Bangladesh would be a great contribution.

The Alingan Foundation is an independent not-for-profit project, with no religious or political affiliations, whose mission is to support against poverty and vulnerability through local organization in Bangladesh.

We can receive payments for Child Sponsorship, Gifts for the children, Volunteer Staff, or any other specified or general donations.

While supporting children is one the main goals of the project, this is another great way to assist the program in its mission that does not involve the commitment of a supporter-child relationship.

Through supporting, a donor may decide to make a monthly/quarterly/yearly donation to support a specific underprivileged child of their choice, based on those we are working with and that are most in need.

Use of supporting funds:

Food- In some cases, a contribution is the primary source of funding for the child's nutrition.

Clothing- A continual assessment is made of the child's basic physical needs, and the child is regularly provided with necessary items such as clothing, shoes, and hygiene supplies; such items are chosen individually for each child, based on their needs and tastes, and presented in the name of their sponsor.

Medical- Support funds may be utilized to cover the costs of medical examinations, prescription and general medications, eye glasses, dental work, and even special dietary needs. Unfortunately, without sponsorship funds, these needs are often not met.

Supplements- the essential related needs for living

School Fees & Supplies- provide the child with tuition, textbooks, uniforms, and school supplies throughout the year.

Supporter/Child Communication:

The personal attention a child receives from his/her supporter is of equal or greater importance than the financial support. To foster this, we strongly encourage both supporters and children to correspond with each other, and provide the most expedient means possible to make the supporter-child relationship as realistic as possible.

Supporters and children communicate with each other at will, via email and regular postal mail. The children's letters are emailed to the supporter through the liaison staff. In addition, the children's original hand-written letters are saved and these are periodically mailed to the sponsor, along with photos and whatever else the child wishes to send. Supporters write to their children in a like manner, and are free to send postal mail to their supported child as well.

A report of the children's status, condition, improvement and other pertinent information will be sent periodically to the supporters.

Levels of supporting commitment:

The amount needed for a month's support depends upon the children's situation.

An estimate of monthly costs is:

Medications- $5 to $10

Supplements- $5

Food- $15

Clothing- $5

Education and Tuition- $10 to $15

Average amount needed per month per child= $40-$50 or €35-€45

Other than contributing to a child based on the above range average amount ($40-$50 or €35-€45) needed per month per child, you can contribute any other amount, more or less- even a single euro would be a great support overall.

1 euro can feed 2 slum children for a day!

You can simply contact us and share your thoughts on what you would most like to contribute to or what ideas you have: info@alingan.org