Sumaiya Akter


Nine year old slum girl Sumaiya Akter is now reading in class/grade 4. Their family migrated to Dhaka (capital city) from Sherpur (another district) in 2008 to seek work.


Forty years old Abdur Rashid is Sumaiya’s father. He is working as a rickshaw puller. Shiuli Begum, thirty five years old, is Sumaiya’s mother. She works as a house worker. Sumaiya has two brothers.


Their monthly income is about USD 130 in total. They are residing in a single room of a tin shed house. There is no table for his study. They have to share a toilet with seven families. Water drops in the rain.


Sumaiya wants to become a doctor. Her aim is to serve people. Reading books is Sumaiya’s hobby. He likes to play. Fighting, she dislikes most.


To fulfill Sumaiya’s aim and dream, she wants some financial back up so that he might be able to continue her study up to the minimum required degree to be a doctor. A financial support can do this to make Sumaiya a doctor.