Sultana Akter


Sultana is 7 years old and she is studying in class/grade 3. She attends Shurovi School. She aspires to become a doctor when she grows up so she can serve the nation by taking care of the weak and ill. Her family moved to Dhaka from Sylhet in 2004 in search of work that will pay well for a better quality of living.


Sultana’s father, Kazi Mia is a 42 year old service holder. His day of work begins at 8 in the morning and ends at 6 PM. Sultana’s mother, Anowara Begum is 40 years old. She is a garments worker by occupation.


Sultana’s father’s monthly income is BDT 5,000 and her mother earns BDT 4,000. Sultana’s elder brothers, Md. Roni and MD Abdullah earn BDT 10000 monthly together. Together they make around BDT 19,000 per month which is equivalent to around USD 225. The family lives in a tin shed house that consists of one room, and has no space for the children to study in. The family can avail 2 washrooms outside their house that are shared by 8 other families.


It is hard for families to prioritize the education of their daughter before their sons’ education. Sultana is a bright child who is interested in art and story books. She enjoys going to school and learning new things. Sponsorship will ensure that Sultana’s education is not compromised due to any external factors and she can do something good for herself in the future.