Shopna Akter


Shopna is 12 years old. She studies in grade 4 in Jamai Bazar Urban Slum Anondo School. She aspires to become a doctor when she grows up. Her family moved to Dhaka from Dinajpur in 1995.


Shopna’s father Shafiqul Islam is 40 years old and her mother Minara Begum is 32. Both of Shopna’s parents are unemployed. Shopna has two other siblings, Shorna and Milon. Milon is her brother. He is 20 years old and works in Islami Bank. Milon makes around Tk. 8,000 monthly and that is the primary source of income for the family.


The family lives in a 1 room house that is big enough for fitting one bed. There is no space for the children to study and the house has one bathroom.


Shopna is a bright and promising girl. She does well in school and is extremely good at mathematics. Sponsoring Shopna will allow her to achieve a good life through education.