Samia Akter


Samia is a 11 year old girl who lives in a slum called Korail at Dhaka city in Bangladesh. He is currently studying at T&T Adorsho Uccho Girls School in class 6. Samia has a brother named Tapon Islam and a sister named Roji Aktar

Samia is the daughter of Mofijul Islam (45) a rikshaw driver and Bokrul Begum (43) a housemaid. Tapon Islam is still an infant and Roji Aktar is also a student like samia.

Although, there are two earning members of the family; their combined earning is only about 130 USD which has to pay for their single room housing, food, clothing and education. They live a very difficult life in harsh living conditions and have to limit most of their activities to that single room including studying. Samia’s father is often required to take loans from people and has to put a lot of effort to pay them back.

Samia and her sister is trying their best to get the best out of school and is struggling to study in their difficult conditions. They do not have a studying table neither do they have room enough to place it anywhere. But they do deserve better, Samia has a noble dream of becoming a doctor and help people. She is very talented and takes her studies very seriously. She enjoys reading very much and loves to play hide and seek with her friends at school. Samia’s parents want all their children to get higher education but they are concerned about whether they  would be able to afford it. With a bit of external support Samia and her siblings might someday fulfill their dreams. Same goes for all the children who are in her situation.