Md. Saiful


Saiful is a 10 years old boy who lives in a slum called Korail at Dhaka city in Bangladesh. He is currently studying at Shurovi School in class 4. Saiful has two brothers MD.Ronni and MD.Abdullah and a sister named Sultana Aktar.

Saiful is the son of Kazi Mia (42) who is a technician and Anowara Begum (40) who is a garments worker. Saiful and Sultana are students and their elder brothers Ronni and Abdullah are also working

There are four earning members of the family and even when combined they can only earn around a 210 USD each month which is barely paying for their single room housing, food, clothingand the education of the children.

Saiful is an obedient student, he is very attentive at class and regular at school. He hopes to become a policeman someday and serve his country. Saiful loves travelling very much and likes to explore new places and also read about them. His parents want and all his siblings to get higher education and live better lives someday but they are unsure how they will achieve such a feat. Saifulís family is in desperate need of outside help to cover the future expenses of his education and his siblings.