Lamia Akter


Seven years old Lamia Akter is now studying in class/grade 2.


Her father is MD. Nazim Uddin, a forty five year old , working as a guard. Her mother, Hosne Ara, a thirty five year old woman, is housewife. Lamia has two siblings; one sister and one brother. They migrated from Narshingdi on 2004 (another district) to Dhaka (capital city) to make a living


The total family income is about USD 100 per month.


They are living in one room of a tin shed house. Water penetrates when it rains. They sleep both on a bed. There is no table for study.


Lamia wants to be a doctor. Her hobby is drawing. She likes playing with her friends. She does not like fighting with her friends.


Lamia is earning very good results /scores in all the exams. It indicates that her aim might be achieved if her parents can afford her studies.