Joy Hossain


Joy Hossain is studying in class/grade 4. He is nine years old. His family migrated from Chandpur (another district) to Dhaka (capital city) in 1990 for work and to assist the children's study.


Khorshed Alam is Joy’s father. He is a fifty year old, working as a rickshaw puller. Joy’s mother Panna is a thirty years old house worker. Joy has two brothers and one sister.


His parents both earn now about USD 150 per month. They are residing in a single room of a tin shed house. He has no table for study. They have no bed, sleeps in the floor.


Joy wants to become a doctor. This is Joy’s aim and dream. Traveling is Joy’s hobby. He likes to study. He dislikes fighting with his friends.


Joy is studying conscientiously and doing well in his exams. He is hoping to achieve a scholarship from any source. Otherwise Joy’s poor parents can no longer afford the expenditure to fulfill his dream.