Ishita Akter


A thirteen year old girl Ishita is studying in class/grade 3. Her family migrated from Narshingdi (another district) to Dhaka (capital city) in the year 2018 to seek work.

Her father, Alamin is a thirty year old, working as a driver. Jahanara, a twenty eight year old house worker is her mother. Ishita has two siblings- sisters.

Their family income per month is about USD 130 per month. Ishita and her family are living in a single room of a tin shed house sharing a toilet among seven families. Ishita has no table for study.

Ishita wants to be a doctor. She is a talented student. She hopes to obtain graduation then will become a doctorr. Her hobby is drawing. Sorifa likes studying her class text books first, then newspapers and magazines. She does not like eating much.