Fatema Akter Hira Moni


Seven year old Fatema Akter Hira Moni is a student of class/grade 3. Her family migrated to Dhaka (capital city) from Sherpur 1990 to find work and to start a new life.


Shafiqul Islam, a 46 year old teashop keeper is her father. Most.Minara Beguam 30 is Fatema’s mother. She is a housewife. Fatema has two more siblings.


Her father is earning an amount of USD 125 per month from his small tea stall. They are living in one room of a tin shed slum house. They sleep both on a bed and on the floor. They use a toilet for six families. She has no table for her studies.


Fatema wants to be a doctor in future. This is her aim in life. She is studying well to fulfill her goal. But her father cannot afford her study expenses regularly. Drawing is her hobby. She likes dancing and dislikes making quarrel.


A little help can make Fatema a real doctor.