Arjina Akter


Arjina Akter, is studying in class 2. On the way to school, she accompanies her elder sister Moushumi Akter.


Her father, Jamal Kazi, is forty-two, and her mother, Minu Akter is thirty-four. Both are working. Her siblings are four, three sisters and one brother. Her sister, Rubi Kazi also is working in a garment factory


Their total income is about USD 200 per month. They reside in one room of a tin shed house. Rain penetrates into the room in the monsoon. They sleep both in a bed and on the floor. Eleven families have to share a single toilet. Toilet sharing is a big problem, especially in the morning. They need to change this house for better facilities. She has no table for her study.


Arjina wants to be a doctor. She likes to study her class text books. She came first in the last annual exam. Playing games is her hobby. She likes reading books most of all and dislikes quarreling.


A little financial help may fulfill her goal to become a Doctor through education.