Anika Akter


Anika Akter is studying in grade/class 1. She is six years old. She is very smart, polite and attentive in her studies.


Her father is MD.Kalam, is a thirty three year old, working as a postman. Her mother, Poly Akter is a thirty two year woman, is working as a house worker. Anika has one brother. They migrated from Cumilla (another district) to Dhaka (capital city) for work on 1988 and to achieve a better future for the children.


The total family income is about USD 150 per month. They are living in a single room of a tin shed house. They share a toilet with two families. They sleep on the floor. No bed. There is no table for study.


Anika wants to be a police. This is her aim. Her hobby is reading books. She likes to study and she does not love to play.


Anika likes her study because she trying to be a good police in future and serve the nation. She is committed to scoring the best marks in the final examination. Her teachers are also encouraging to her study well. She hopes to get some financial assistance. It will help her to reach the target a doctor.