Alingan is a Bengali word for "hug" or "embrace".

This foundation is established in Belgium with the Objective of eradicating the poverty of slum dwellers in Bangladesh through education.

Following that aim the project expects to launch some measures to assist destitute people with education mainly through sponsorship program and some major community development activities.

We dedicate all our projects to changing the destiny of children. These are primarily orphans and children growing up in slums who are under-privileged and often in dire need of education, basic medical care, food and clothing. To break this ongoing cycle of poverty we have found that the only way that we can guarantee the children a better future, is through providing a solid education. We believe that through education, slum children can grow up with the knowledge and ability to break the cycle of poverty in their whole community.

Child labour in Dhaka is huge and that comes from the need to survive with their families. The Alingan Foundation believes in everyone’s potential and that we can put people in any career. The slum children can be doctors, leaders, nurses... anything. You just need to sit down and see inside them. Find the little fire and give them the opportunity.

Our Mission

The mission of the project  is to mainstream the slum and street children in a national building by providing care, support & protection through education, shelter and food.

Objectives of the initiative

General Objective

  • To ensure the most vulnerable and underprivileged children are covered under educational support to become first class citizens and to break the cycle of their poverty.
  • To ensure that they benefit appropriately from continuum of care


Specific Objective

  • Put in place an efficient outreach & identification strategy
  • Provide slum children with a childhood that they not previously experienced and help them to become useful members of society.
  • Ensure keeping children in school or continuing Education 
  • Ensure access to basic & specific services and well-being through necessary support
  • Ensure emotional support for their well being
  • Empowering children to keep their resilience and develop protective behaviour
  • Protecting children from violation of human rights 
  • Social contribution of volunteers to the slum communities