Sheikh Sadi 


Sheikh Sadi, a twelve year old boy is studying in class/grade 5th. He is the top boy in his class.


Jamal Hossain, his father, is a thirty eight year old car driver.  Sadi's mother Josna Begum, thirty three years old, is a simple housewife. Sadi has two other siblings. One is a sister and the youngest is a brother.


A five member family, only one is earning USD 102 per month. They are living in a two room tin shed house sharing a toilet with two families. Water penetrates if it rains. There is no table for his study.


Sadi wants to be an engineer in life. This is his dream and aim, and is quite consistent with his class results. Also his class teachers trying to give the basic foundations for the engineer. He is very good in Math and Science subjects.


He likes to study other subjects too. He doesn’t interrupt his study time because his PSC public exam is in December this year. He must gain an excellent score like GPA 5+ in this. This result will help him to get a government scholarship, hence he can support his study.


Playing cricket is Sadi's hobby. But he prefers study now. Everyone in his slum likes him very much. He doesn’t like to quarrel with others. He maintains a leader-like relationship with his friends and fellows. He helps other friends if they cannot understand something in their texts.


Everybody wishes Sadi well and they pray for his success. Sadi too is trying his best to obtain GPA 5+ in his school final. Relatives & well-wishers are also helping Sadi financially. More support may allow him to be a real engineer in future.