Maruf Sheikh


Maruf Sheikh, a ten year old slum boy is studying in class/grade 2nd.


His father, Hasan Ali Sheikh, a fifty five years old poor man is currently unemployed. His mother Nurjahan Begum is forty five years old. She is a housekeeper. Maruf's elder brother, Ali Sheikh, is working for a private company as an office messenger.


Their total family income is USD 110 per month. It is very hard to run a family of five members with this little income. They live a hand to mouth existence.  They need to borrow money each month; moreover price increases made the situation worse.


They live in a room of a tin shed house; rainwater penetrates their home and they have to share a toilet with three families. There is no table for his study. 


Maruf wants to be a civil servant in life. This is his aim. He is doing very well in his exams. As he is mature for his age, Maruf can understand everything demonstrated by his class teachers. Singing and dancing are Maruf,s hobbies, but he likes study which is the foundation of his dreams and aims. He practices music and dance in his leisure time. He is a very good boy who doesn’t like quarreling with his friends and neighbors.


Maruf is getting full moral support from his teachers and friends in school. He is hoping God will grant his desire of getting a high profile job. He dreams of having a happy healthy family life. He will then serve the poor, Maruf said.