Mim Sarkar 


Mim Sarkar, a nine year old girl, is studying in class/grade 5th. 


Her father is Mahalam Sarkar, a fifty year old man working on a private farm. Her mother is Mosammat Ayesha, a forty year old housewife. Mim has three siblings and they live together in a slum house.


The total family income is about USD 190 per month. They reside in a single room of a tin shed house, sharing a toilet within 15 families. There is no table for her study.


Mim wants to be a doctor in the future. She is studying well to achieve her goal. Her family face problems every month to bear their educational expenses. Her father Mahalam said that there is a possibility of a salary increase next year; if so they can run their family well. Mim hopes she will gain good results in her PSC public exam this year and obtain a government scholarship. Mim likes studying her course text books and auxiliary guides supporting her studies. Playing games was her hobby but now she is not getting scope to play outdoors because of the pressure of study. Telling lies is the bad habit she dislikes most. 


A little sharing may be a great care for this slum girl Mim in building her future what she is dreaming. Mim too expressed her accountability towards the suffering humanity. Let Mim to light humanity.