Roman Sarkar


Roman Sarkar, a seven year old boy is studying in class 3rd.


Ibrahim Sarkar, a driver of thirty five years old is Romanís father. His mother is Mosammat Nargis Akter: she is a housewife. Roman has no siblings. Only his father is earning and he earns about USD 127 per month by driving a Rickshaw.


They are living in a single room of a slum house which is a tin shed. Water penetrates if it rains. They share a toilet with their neighbours. Roman has no table for study.


He wants to be an engineer in the future. This is Romanís aim. He likes his study very much. His hobby is sports. Roman dislikes quarreling.


Currently Romanís parents are divorced. His father does not live with them. His grandparents have to bear all his expenses. But they are poor too. This separation worsens the total situation.