Yamin Khan 


Yamin Khan, just gained admission to class/grade 1st at the age of six. He is a very good student.


Thirty years old, Humayun Khan is Yamin's father. He drives a rickshaw. Mosammat Hajera Begum, his mother, is a twenty five year old woman. She works in a garments factory as a sewing operator.


On an average their monthly income is about USD 153. They are living in a single room of a tin shed house, water penetrates if it rains, and they share a toilet with other families.  There is no table for his study.


Yamin is the only child of his parents. He is the hope of his family. Yamin wants to be a teacher when he finishes his study. His parents are encouraging him to fulfil his aim. They are very friendly to him. His hobby is playing games; he likes soccer most. Watching TV is his worst habit he says. He spends his leisure either in study or playing football. He thinks children should have a field especially for themselves because his seniors always keep the field under their own control.


Yamin is very careful about his parents' mood and mentality. He doesn't want to have a sibling, because that would disturb his career. He wants to study in an English intermediate school in future.


His parents warn him that they will have another child if he does not study well. It hurts Yamin a lot. His teachers also love him so much for his attentive study. A little help would surely assist Yamin to be a great teacher.