Sabina Akter 


Cute little Sabina Akter just started her school at the age of six years.


She is in class/grade- Play. She is a favorite in her class for speaking confidently and ready answers to any questions. Now she is the class leader.


Afsar Ali, a thirty seven years old Rickshaw driver is her father. He earns about USD 2 daily by pulling a rental rickshaw. Her mother Jahanara Begum, a twenty six years lady works for a private firm. Sabina has four more siblings, all are her elder sisters.


Their total family income is USD 205 per month. They live in one room of a tin shed slum house in a very congested situation. She has no table for her study. They share a toilet with six families. Moreover, her sister Nasima is also studying. They live a hand to mouth lifestyle. 


Sabina wants to be a very good teacher. Playing is her hobby; she plays traditional local games. She likes her study very much. What she dislikes most is early rising from bed. But if anybody whispers about school, she wakes up and goes to school. She memorized a verse –“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.  It inspires her.


If Sabina can continue her study up to graduation level, she is hopeful that she can be a teacher. Her parents and sisters are also committed to support her as she needs but with their little income, they can’t make her basic needs always fulfilled.