Nasima Akter


Nasima Akter is an eight year old talented poor girl living in a slum house. She is studying in class/grade 2nd.


Her father Afsar Ali, a thirty seven year old rickshaw driver earns only USD 2 daily. He drives a rental rickshaw from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm every day. Her mother Mrs. Jahanara Begum, a 26 year old lady works in a private company from 7:00 am to 2:30 pm. Her monthly salary is USD 50. Nasima has four more siblings. She has no brother. They are five sisters.


The total family income is about USD 205 per month. Nasima’s family lives in a single room of a tin shed house sharing a toilet with six families. Water penetrates when it rains. They use both a bed and the floor to sleep. There is no table for her study.


Nasima wants to be a doctor in the future, but this is uncertain because of money. Still she is hopeful; if she can show excellent performances, she may get a scholarship. Nasima likes studying books and practicing singing. She can sing very melodiously. This is her hobby. She dislikes waking up from sleep in the early morning every day.


Nasima and her family are trying their best to make her a doctor. Her teachers are also hopeful that her dream is consistent with her class performances. If everything is all right, Nasima can fulfill her aim to be a doctor.