Nazmul Islam Sheikh


Najmul Islam Sheikh is studying in class/grade 4th. He is an eight year old slum boy.


A thirty three year old rickshaw driver Asadul Sheikh is his father. His mother is Nurunnahar Sheikh; she is a twenty six years old. She is a housekeeper. Najmul has a brother named Nasimul. They came to Dhaka (capital city) in 2010 from Mymenshing (another district) for work and better livelihood.


Total family income is USD 166 per month. They reside in a single room of a tin shed house, Water penetrates when it rains and they feel very cold in winter. They have to share one toilet among nine families. He has no table for study.


Najmul wants to be a doctor. He likes studying text books, newspapers, magazines etc. His hobby is playing cricket. He likes to keep neat and clean. Najmul dislikes a dirty environment though he is forced to live in one due to poverty.


Najmul will sit his first public examination (PSC) of grade 5th next year. He is hopeful that he will score GPA 5+ and will get a scholarship. It will be a great support for Najmul if he gets any help from outside. Such a help will facilitate Najmul to reach his goal.