Shajidur Rahman


Shajidur Rahman is a student of class/grade 3rd. He is eight years old. He is a smart and talented boy.


His father is Selim Bhuiya, twenty eight years old. He is a service provider and he is the only earning member of this family. Twenty six year old Shanjida Akter is his mother. She is a housewife. Shajidur has a little sister. They came to Dhaka (capital city) in 1995 from Comilla (another district) for work.


Their family income is about USD 102 per month. They are living in a single room of a tin shed house, Water penetrates when it rains. They use a toilet sharing among six families. Shajidur has no table for study.


Shajidur wants to be a police officer in future. His hobby is cycling. He likes studying books, magazines and religious scriptures. Overeating is a bad habit and he dislikes it.


Shajidur hopes that, if he can finish his graduation, he will be able to join the police service. Itís still a long way to reach the goal. He is uncertain whether his father will be able to continue supporting him! Thatís why Shajidur needs to confirm some financial support for his study.