Md. Abdullah


Abdulla is a 12 year old boy, he lives in a slum in koraiyal located in Dhaka Bangladesh. Abdullah is studying in Ideal kindergarten in 6th grade. Abdullah's family migrated to Dhaka from sylhet in the year 2013.

Kazim Uddin (45) a security guard is Abdullah’s father and Anowara Begum (38) a worker in a garments worker is Abdullah’s mother. Abdullah has two brothers and a sister. The younger brother and sister are also studying. Abdullah’s elder brother Ronny (18) has sacrificed his education and is also working contract based jobs at Gulshan to provide for the family.

There are three earning members of the family barely earning 150 USD/month. Abdullah’s family is living in a single room cabin and it is very difficult for Abdullah and his siblings to study and fulfill their hopes.

Abdullah wants to become a doctor when he grows up. He hopes to earn a GPA 5 in his SSC exam and wants to pursue higher education in the future. But with their current earning, it will be very difficult to support the Education of him and his siblings.

Abdullah and his siblings are very knowledgeable and are very interested in studying. They all have to study in a tight space and do not have the luxury of having the utensils necessary for studying. But they are still trying their very best to for a better future.

Abdullah and his siblings are very sincere when studying. They are regular at school and are very attentive towards their teachers. Abdullah loves going to school he likes to play cricket and to learn new things. He is also interested in art. But the earning of his family might not be enough for their education all together. Abdullah’s family is in dire need of external sponsorship in order to complete their education.