Sakib Hossain


Sakib Hossain is a seven years old boy just started going to Shomoy Unnoyan Society School. His family immigrated to Dhaka from Sherpur in the year 2001 in search of job and better living.


His fatherís name is Akter Hossain. He is forty years old man. He is a rickshaw puller. Ojufa Begum, his mother is a thirty two years old house keeper. Sakib has 3 siblings, two sisters one of them is married and another one is a student and he has a brother who is currently working to help their family financially.


Sakibís mother, brother and father altogether earns about USD120 per month. They are living in a single tin shed room. Water penetrates if it rains. They use both for and bed for sleeping. He has a broken table to study. They use a toilet sharing with three families.


Sakib Hossain wants to be a Doctor in future. It is aim of his life. He is attentively studying his text books to reach his goals. His parents are also dreaming the same but, they are confused because of poverty. If he cannot spend adequate time over his studiesí his dream will not come true. He likes playing to different types of games. His hobby is travelling.


Poor can dream but here Sakib Hossain is determined to translate his dream into reality, but he needs support with essentials.