Mukta Bhuiya


Mukta Bhuiya is studying in class/grade 1st. She is eight years old.


Her father, Mohsin Bhuiya, is twenty seven years old. He is a wood artisan. Nurunnahar Begum is her mother. She is a twenty five year old housewife. Mukta has a sister named Fatema Bhuiya.


Her father earns USD 105 per month. Itís a very little income to maintain a family including the cost of the children's education. Her father has a problem with his eyesight.


Mukta and her family are living in a small room of a tin shed house. Water penetrates when it rains. It feels cold in winter too. They are sharing a toilet amongst four families.


Mukta wants to be a doctor. This is her aim and dream. She likes to read her class books. Singing is her hobby. She does not like to lie.


A poor artisan is not able to bear his daughterís educational expenses regularly. He is spending beyond his capacity to help her become a doctor. Sufficient financial backup for Mukta is essential in this situation.