Ayesha Akter (Kanchon)


Seven year old Aysha is studying in class/grade 1st.


Her father is Siddik Mia, forty years of age, a fish seller; her mother Lucky Begum, thirty five, is working as a housekeeper. She has three siblings -  Swopna, Modhu and Shahadat Mia.


The total family income is USD 193 per month. Her parents are barely managing four children’s study expenses. They are living in a small room of a tin shed house. Water penetrates if it rains. They share a toilet among seven families. She has no table for study. This crisis affects her psychological well-being.


Ayesha wants to be a doctor. She is worried that her parents may not be able to continue supporting her study with this little income. Her hobby is playing games. She likes to help her parents with housework, if only for a chocolate. Telling a lie is a great sin, so she dislikes it.


Ayesha wants to do charity work for her society and country when she becomes a doctor. A little support to Ayesha may bring her dream comes true.