Modhu Akter


Modhu Akter is a ten year old slum girl. She is studying in class/grade 4th.


Siddik Mia, a forty year old fish seller is her father. Lucky Begum, her mother, thirty five, is a housekeeper. Modhu has three more siblings. Two sisters and one brother. All are students.


Her parents are earning USD 195 per month. It is very hard to maintain a family with this amount. They have no table for study. Education is a big expense for their family. Somehow they are managing but with difficulty. Modhu and her family live in a room of a tin shed house. Water penetrates when it rains. Seven families are sharing a toilet. She has to sleep on the floor with her sister.


Modhu wants to be a doctor in the future. Her results are very good. Next year she will sit for the PSC final, she hopes to score GPA 5+. And she will be awarded a scholarship from the government. That can help to pay her tuition fee for the school. But she will be needing some additional financial support for her food and living.