Farjana Akter


Farjana Akter, a seven year old girl, is now studying in class/grade 2nd.


Her father Abdul Malek, thirty five, is a small business owner. He works in his grocery shop from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. Her mother is Shahanaj Begum, thirty, a housewife. She has a brother. Her uncle Yakub and auntie Rokeya are also stay with them. Yakub is a car driver.


The total family income is about USD 195 each month. They cannot afford a good house. They are living in a single room of a tin Shed slum house sharing a toilet with two families. They have to sleep both on a bed and on the floor. There is a problem of privacy. She does not have any table for study. It affects her study.


If everything is all right, Farjana wants to be a doctor. She likes taking care of sick people. She likes dancing and music. Singing is her hobby. She dislikes to tell a lie.


Farjana hopes to serve the patients when she becomes a doctor. Her parents and uncle try their best to support her even with the very limited income so that nothing can interrupt her studies. They expect some support for her studies and living.