Fahim Islam


Fahim is a student of class/grade 6th. He is thirteen.


His father, Abdul Malek, thirty five years, a small grocer, runs his shop from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. His mother, Shahanaj Begum is a housewife. Fahim has one sibling Ė a sister Farjana. His uncle Yakub Ali, a driver and Aunt Rokeya are also living with them.


Fahimís father and uncle earn about USD 195 each month. There are six members of their family living in a single room of a Tin Shed slum house. They sleep both in a bed and on the floor. Their toilet is for two families. They need two more rooms for their privacy but cannot afford them with this income.


Fahim wants to be a cricket player in the future. He is the best all-rounder of his class cricket team. He will try to get admission in The BKSP next year for studying sports, especially Cricket. To study in The BKSP is very expensive. If he can manage to win a scholarship, it will be possible for Fahim. He likes studying books about sports. Drawing is Fahimís hobby. He dislikes quarrels and fighting.


Fahim wants to lead The National Cricket Team like Ashraful. If once he can be successful, he will do good things for society and for the country as well. His uncle is providing some financial support for his study till now, but for how long when he has also to survive with his own family?