Khadiza Akter Liza


Eight year old Kadiza Akter is studying in class/grade 1st. Abul Khayer, her father is thirty years old. He is unemployed now and is seriously seeking a job for his livelihood. Her mother, Anu Akter, twenty four, is a housewife. Khadiza has a brother called Shaiful Islam.


Abul Khayer is also trying to go abroad to find a well-paid job. Her mother is seeking a job in the garment Industry. This four member family without any regular income is really facing a great crisis. They live in a single room of a Tin Shed house. Water drops into the room if it rains. In winter Khadiza feels too cold. Khadiza does not have any table for study. There is only one toilet for eight families in their slum. Khadiza hopes her father will go abroad soon and then she will get money from her father. She then will change their house. She needs urgent financial help for her food and study as well.


Khadiza is also dreaming to be a doctor. She likes to study her school books. Playing in the courtyard is her hobby. She plays there with her friends. She never quarrels with them. Friends should not quarrel- she dislikes it.


Her parents cannot support her as she needs. It may affect her educational development and her study if this crisis situation continues. How long can they fight poverty? Intervention is urgent for Khadiza