Asia Akter


Asia Akter, a ten year old girl, dwells in a slum house. She is studying in class/grade 5th.


Her father Akter Hossain, is a forty year old rickshaw driver & Mosammat Ojufa Begum, her mother, is a thirty two year old poor lady who works as a housemaid in someone else’s home. Asia has three more siblings, two brothers and one sister.  


Asia lives in a small room of a tin shed slum house along with her parents and siblings. Rain water penetrates the house and it feels cold in winter. They share a toilet with three families. Her study table is broken.


Their total family income is USD 185 each month. The three earning members are trying with heart and soul to make their family a happy and prosperous one. Sometimes, if there is a reduction in total monthly income, then Asia has to face a crisis through shortage of money. It affects her study and even food in those days.


Poverty hinders the highly ambitious Asia as she wants to be a doctor in the future. This is her aim and dream. She is gaining very good scores in all her exams. She can understand that she must be capable of facing the challenge of poverty, and thus make her dreams true.


Asia likes most to study her class text books. In leisure time she reads newspapers, magazines and religious books etc. She does not like any outdoor games. She also likes to help her parents with their housework. Asia is very conscious of their health and environmental hygiene. She hopes if her aims get proper attention from her parents and brothers, then it will allow her to reach the goal of which she is dreaming.


A little support would be an added advantage to make this little Asia a true doctor who will do humanitarian service in her future life. Let's enlighten her.